About Us.

Founded in 2021 Local Fish Tacos is a unique mobile restaurant concept that combines adventure with fresh and authentic Baja-Style Tacos.

Our Take on Baja Tacos

From Ensenada to your plate. Halibut, cod, snapper, mahi mahi, wild fish local to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific in Baja. We guarantee you will always have the best catch of the day. 

Fresh, never frozen, straight from Baja California.

A Few Words About Us

From Baja With Love

The founder and chef behind LoCal Fish Tacos is Hazael Mayoral, originally from Ensenada, Mexico. He is a true adventurer in spirit, scuba diver, a nature lover, an enthusiast of Jeeps and overlanding. Fortunately Hazael’s family has always lived near the sea and since childhood he gained valuable knowledge and experience in catching, preparing and consuming a variety of seafood. This sparked the idea of establishing a unique concept of selling fresh, high-quality, authentic fish and shrimp tacos just like you’d find in Ensenada but in the streets of Los Angeles. Hazael’s dream is to share his passion and love for his hometown, love for adventure, and the fish he grew up eating. The concept of LoCal came from a street art piece Hazael saw on a wall in Baja many years ago. It perfectly depicted the idea of the area of Baja, south of California along with signifying Hazael being a local to Ensenada. 

Our Food Policy

Each item is handpicked or fished directly by our Chef Hazael with clear attention to detail on quality and food safety in mind. Sustainability is our focus, using local ingredients with seasonal menu items to reflect consideration for the ecosystem and their populations.

Our Core Values

We here at Local Fish Tacos firmly believe in community, sustainability, authenticity, supporting local economy, integrity, and hospitality.

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